Skin booster

Skin booster

Discover the benefits of Cataleya Triple Boost.

    How does it work?

    Cataleya Triple Boost is a unique blend of skin-friendly ingredients, delivered into the superficial layers of the skin to promote an immediate and natural increase of volume and firmness around the cheekbones, to smoothen up and lift unwanted smiling lines, to improve sagging jaw lines, and to provide a radiant glow. As a skin booster, it also stimulates the connective tissue to produce more collagen fibers in the long term, thus extending the results further.

    to ensure the best outcome, we provide personalized skin coaching consultations to customize treatments according to your unique requirements, leading to incredible, authentic, and natural-looking results.

    Cataleya Triple Boost treatment is beneficial for individuals over 25 years old who exhibit laxity and lack of volume.

    Cataleya Triple Boost treatments are highly effective and offer a wide range of benefits, including:


    • volume
    • hydration
    • lifting
    • radiance glow


    Cataleya Triple Boost treatments target the face, neck, and other areas.

    • Combination treatment with advanced laser treatment

    Combined with our advanced laser rejuvenation treatment, an enhanced collagen boost can be achieved, improving more profound skin damage and irregularities. This reduces the number of sessions needed and speeds up the achievement of visible improvements.


    • Combination treatment with non-surgical ultrasound facelift

    The combination with the non-surgical ultrasound facelift in case of elevated skin laxity would be highly beneficial.

    Here are some important details that will give you further insights into Cataleya Triple Boost treatments:


    • Repetition time:
      We recommend repeating the treatment every month for optimal results.
    • Downtime:
    • Pain sensation:
      Mild with some heating sensation in certain areas. Ice packs are applied for immediate aid.
    • Result:
      Immediately noticeable. The 1st session provides results lasting around 4 to 6 weeks, which increase to last longer with every treatment.

    Consult our experts

    Our services are carefully designed to provide to your individual needs, offering a holistic approach that addresses both physical and emotional well-being.

    Dora Atakul

    Dora Atakul

    Specialist Skin & Laser Therapist, Skin Coach

    Denise Saunders

    Denise Saunders

    Specialist Skin & Laser Therapist