The orthopedics department at Doctor Reuter Medical Centers offers profound expertise in the diagnostics and treatment of various orthopedic cases and a very high level of expertise, particularly in the surgery of knees and shoulders, including joint replacements, revisions, and arthroscopic surgery.We favor a conservative approach to therapy and, if possible, initiate other treatments before deciding on surgery. Our orthopedics department's motto is: the best surgery is the one that is not needed!

  • Manual medicine, chirotherapy

    Our objective is to restore your health over the long term and help to reduce pain.

  • Medical-grade extracorporeal shockwave therapy

    We use extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) to enhance your healing process. This non-invasive treatment method uses shockwaves to address inflammation, alleviate pain, and reduce tenderness. Additionally, it boosts metabolism, facilitating healing across various causes of disease.

  • Injection therapy¬†

    Injection therapy is commonly used in orthopedics to treat inflammatory joint conditions and early-stage arthritis or as a tool for differential diagnostics.

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      Spine injection therapy

      Spine injection therapy is available at Doctor Reuter Medical Centers.

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      Joint injection therapy

      Joint injection therapy is available at Doctor Reuter Medical Centers.

  • Arthroscopic surgery

    We validate diagnoses made during consultations and treat internal joint disorders through modern surgical techniques. Utilizing minimally invasive 'keyhole surgery,' often on an outpatient basis, we gain visual access to the joint, which enables us to address and repair most articular disorders without making a large incision.

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      Shoulder arthroscopy

      Through the use of minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy, typically on an outpatient...

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      Knee arthroscopy

      Utilizing minimally invasive knee arthroscopy, often on an outpatient basis, we gain...

  • Pain guide

    Orthopedic pain is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance you will experience it in your lifetime. If the pain is bothering you, we strongly encourage you to consult an orthopedic expert before the problem gets worse.

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      Shoulder pain

      Shoulder pain is not uncommon. In fact, there is a good chance you will experience it in...

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      Knee pain

      While you might be tempted to alleviate knee pain with over-the-counter medication,...

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      Back pain

      Back pain is a common issue many people experience at least once during their lives. If...

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      Hip pain

      The hip is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body and can withstand a fair amount...