Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Eliminate unwanted hair growth with Splendor X, a unique laser system with unprecedented power, speed, and coverage rate. Our laser hair removal services promise long-term effects, prevent regrowth, and eliminate ingrown hairs.

    Laser Hair Removal at Doctor Reuter Medical Center

    Removing unwanted hair can be time-consuming and costly with traditional methods like shaving and waxing. Fortunately, solutions like laser hair removal pose safer and more cost-efficient alternatives.

    At Doctor Reuter Medical Center, our team of certified laser hair removal specialists is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and effective hair removal techniques.

    Experience the difference with our advanced Splendor X machine. Achieve silky, hair-free skin in just a few sessions!

    • Eliminate ingrown hair

    Ingrown hairs can be difficult to remove, but the good news is that laser hair removal is preventative and effective for ingrown hairs, even on sensitive skin prone to developing them.

    • Shorter treatments

    Laser hair removal treatments are a more efficient long-term option than regular waxing. They require less time and fewer visits between sessions, making them a convenient choice.

    • Painless

    If you’ve ever experienced a Brazilian wax, you understand how painful it can be! On the contrary, laser hair removal offers significantly less skin irritation.

    • Save time and money

    Considering laser hair removal as an alternative to spending money on shaving tools or regular waxing can be an economical choice. It provides significantly longer-lasting results and reduces the need for frequent visits to your specialist.

    The square laser technology means shorter treatment, no risk of burning, and no pain.


      • Our technicians have experience treating clients of all ages, nationalities, and skin types. They provide a complimentary consultation to tailor the laser hair removal process to your needs.


      • Compared to other laser hair removal machines, the Splendor X:


    • Is suitable for all skin tones
    • Treats any type of hair
    • Is ideal for both genders
    • Eliminates any risk of burning due to a square spot that prevents overlapping
    • Utilizes a dual cooling system that minimizes pain
    • Reduces treatment time to at least half of other methods
    • Blends Alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers for simultaneous use
    • Tailors the treatment to specific skin tones and hair types

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    Caroline S. Marcelino

    Caroline S. Marcelino

    Laser Hair Removal Therapist