Knee pain

Knee pain

While you might be tempted to alleviate knee pain with over-the-counter medication, seeing an orthopedic expert at Doctor Reuter Medical Center is the best option.

    When to see an orthopedic expert: common knee problems

    Knee pain can sometimes occur suddenly or gradually, depending on factors such as your age and activity level. The location where you experience knee pain will also vary depending on which bodily involvement you have. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, book an appointment for diagnosis with Dr. Helge Schmitz at Doctor Reuter Medical Center:

    • Pain

    Knee pain occurs in patients of all ages, often due to overexertion or strenuous exercise. Most knee pain begins as mild discomfort and can escalate into something worse. You may be at higher risk of experiencing knee pain if you are overweight, overusing your knee, or are genetically predisposed to conditions like arthritis.

    • Loss of function

    If you can no longer bear weight on your knee, you might have a strained ligament or damaged meniscus. These issues typically occur after a sudden twist or trauma that impacts the menisci.

    • Limited range of motion and lack of strength

    An inability to extend, flex the knee, or bear weight on it might indicate an acute knee injury, poor rehabilitation after surgery, disuse, or arthrofibrosis, among other things. To alleviate issues caused by a limited range of motion, consult an orthopedist as soon as your symptoms manifest.

    • Instability

    Structural damage within or surrounding the knee joint can cause instability and will sometimes require surgery. It usually feels like giving way when performing everyday tasks and is often the result of a ligament injury. However, if you experience a feeling of instability without structural damage, this can mostly be treated by exercises and manual medicine.

    While some back pain can be treated with home remedies, other conditions require immediate medical attention. At Doctor Reuter Medical Centers, we believe in holistic health solutions and preventative medicine that will keep you in shape for years.



    • Infiltration therapy

    If you are experiencing severe knee pain, we can perform various knee injections to alleviate symptoms.

    These often include:


    1. Steroid injections reduce inflammation due to osteoarthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis.
    2. Anti-inflammatory injections in the case of tendinopathies
    3. Stem cell injections (regenerative medicine)
    4. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections that stimulate collagen formation
    5. Injection of hyaluronic acid in case of degenerative changes (osteoarthritis)



    • Shockwave therapy

    To treat and alleviate pain from knee injuries or deforming osteoarthritis, we perform extracorporeal shockwave treatment (ESWT), an effective shockwave therapy that might make invasive surgery avoidable. Not only can ESWT eliminate pain, but it may also improve function by reducing swelling and inflammation and treating tendinopathies.



    • Manual medicine & chirotherapy

    Need to decide on surgical procedures for your knee pain? Do not worry— Dr. Schmitz is an experienced chirotherapeutic expert who can help you avoid the potential side effects of surgery if it is not truly necessary. By undergoing chirotherapy treatment, we can identify the root cause of your knee pain and prevent its recurrence, especially when there is no structural deficiency within the knee.



    • Second opinions

    If you have already consulted with another orthopedic expert but want to be 100% sure about your diagnosis, we can provide valuable second opinions and customized treatment plans.


    If you’re experiencing knee pain or a loss of function, get help right away. Contact our team of experts at Doctor Reuter Medical Center today for professional medical help.

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    Dr. Helge Schmitz

    Dr. Helge Schmitz

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