Back pain

Back pain

Back pain is a common issue many people experience at least once during their lives. If you are suffering from chronic or acute back pain, please book an appointment with orthopedic specialist Dr. Helge Schmitz at the Doctor Reuter Medical Center. 

    When to see an orthopedic expert: common back problems

    The back is a complex network of muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons that runs from the top of our buttocks to the base of our neck. It is responsible for keeping our bodies upright and balanced. Back pain can arise for various reasons, including overexertion, injury, poor posture, and structural issues. While most forms of back pain can be remedied through rest, self-care, and light stretching, there are cases where it can be severe. Consult an expert if your back pain:

    • lasts more than a week
    • is severe and does not improve with rest
    • causes weakness or tingling in one or both legs

    We strongly encourage you to book an appointment with our orthopedic expert, Dr. Helge Schmitz, if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

    • Local pain (pain that is concentrated in a particular area)
      • Lower back pain: any pain that is focused on your lower back up to your buttocks
      • Upper back pain: while less common than lower back or neck pain, it can occur in mild to moderate levels below the cervical spine and above the lower back
      • Neck pain: pain that occurs from the skull to the upper torso


    • Radiating pain (in legs or arms)
      • Pain: pain can occur spontaneously or due to an injury
      • Limited range of motion: movement in your leg or hip becomes restricted, or you feel severe, sharp pain when accessing this joint
      • Motoric deficiency: disorders that cause lack of intended movement or cause involuntary spasms, tremors, and jerks

    While some back pain can be treated with home remedies, other conditions require immediate medical attention. At Doctor Reuter Medical Centers, we believe in holistic health solutions and preventative medicine that keep you in shape for years to come.



    • Infiltration therapy: back injections can solve two medical problems


    1. Inflammation or nerve damage, often referred to as radiculopathy, can cause sharp pains in the back and radiating pain.
    2. Spinal stenosis is a spinal canal narrowing, often due to a herniated disk. Stenosis compresses the nerves inside, causing pain.


    To relieve pain, you can receive:


    1. an epidural: a steroidal medication for pain relief
    2. a nerve block injection: a numbing medicine combined with steroids that often provide near-complete pain relief
    3. a nerve block injection: a numbing medicine combined with steroids that often provide near-complete pain relief


    • Shockwave therapy

    With a specialty in extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT), Dr. Schmitz can provide significant pain relief and improvement to the damaged area. Unlike invasive surgery, our clinic’s medical-grade shockwave therapy requires no anesthetics and poses few to no complications. It also provides additional benefits like:


    1. new blood vessels: leads to the formation of new blood vessels that help repair damaged tissue
    2. reversed chronic inflammation: reduce swelling and pain
    3. increased collagen production: produce more collagen to repair damaged musculoskeletal and ligamentous structures


    • Manual medicine & chirotherapy

    Manual therapy is among the most effective treatments for back pain. Through spinal manipulation, Dr. Schmitz can restore the range of motion in the back. He also performs manual mobilization, which involves the movement and stretching of muscles and joints.


    • Second opinions

    Have you already consulted with an orthopedic professional but want a second opinion? We can strengthen your diagnosis through several comprehensive tests.


    If you’re experiencing back pain or a loss of function, get help right away. Contact our team of experts at Doctor Reuter Medical Center for professional medical help today.

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    Dr. Helge Schmitz

    Dr. Helge Schmitz

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