About Dr. Juliane Reuter

Designation: Consultant Dermatologist

Department: Dermatology

Dr. Juliane Reuter completed her medical studies at the University of Hamburg, becoming a German board-certified dermatologist in 2005. for the initial nine years of her career, she practiced at the university clinic in Freiburg, Germany, focusing on a wide spectrum of dermatological services for both adults and children. This encompassed general dermatology, dermatologic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and aesthetic laser medicine.

Having been a part of the competence center skinitial™, a specialized department within the dermatology clinic in Freiburg dedicated to pioneering research in natural compounds, dermopharmacy, and photodermatology, Dr. Reuter developed a notable expertise in phytomedicine and botanical skincare. She has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Transitioning to Dubai in 2010, Dr. Reuter established herself as a highly recognized and valued consultant for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer detection, treatment, prevention, and education according to German guidelines. She is particularly experienced in digital dermoscopy and skin imaging commonly referred to as “mole mapping“.

Dr. Juliane Reuter specializes in the following areas:

Dermatology for adults and children
Covering a wide spectrum of diagnosis and treatment of skin concerns for both adults and children and providing competent advanced dermatological care and advice

skin screening
Complete body dermoscopy and digital imaging  – “mole mapping” to monitor potential skin changes

surgical procedures
Removal of suspicious skin growths, moles and cosmetically unwanted skin lesions

Liquid nitrogen treatment for warts and other skin issues

dermojet injections
For keloids and bumpy scars