Skin coach consultations

Skin coach consultations

The team at Doctor Reuter Medical Center is focused on creating a place where all patients receive the most personalized, professional care with a holistic approach. That’s why we provide personalized beauty consultations to customize skin care and perform beauty procedures focusing on achieving natural-looking results.

    Skin coach consultations by Dora

    Our dedicated skin coach, Dora Atakul, conducts skin consultations using her 20 years of aesthetic experience and health coaching. By understanding the underlying reasons for specific skin conditions and lifestyle-related health challenges, Dora offers suitable long-term treatment plans.

    Her mission is to reach out to as many women, men, and teenagers as possible, guiding them to a healthy, content, active, and energetic life with youthful, radiant skin everybody deserves and is meant to have.

    Skin coach consultations by Dora include:

    • ⁠Skin specialist consultation (30 min)
    • Platinum skin coach consultation (90 min)

    Try a comprehensive 30-minute skin analysis to precisely determine your specific skin type and current condition. Based on this analysis, our skin coach will recommend the most suitable treatments, procedures, and skincare routines tailored to your needs. Following the analysis, a personalized skincare program will be discussed, and a package will be designed specifically for you.

    Try a 360-degree skin health analysis to identify your skin type, assess the underlying causes of your current skin condition, and suggest the most suitable treatments/procedures and skin care routines accordingly. With our skin coach, you will discuss the personalized holistic and metabolic-type skin health program and package (with holistic lifestyle and nutrition suggestions).

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    Our services are carefully designed to provide to your individual needs, offering a holistic approach that addresses both physical and emotional well-being.

    Dora Atakul

    Dora Atakul

    Specialist Skin & Laser Therapist, Skin Coach