Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is not uncommon. In fact, there is a good chance you will experience it in your lifetime. The orthopedics department at Doctor Reuter Medical Center offers deep expertise in shoulder care, non-invasive rehabilitation, and, if necessary, surgical procedures.

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    Shoulder problems can be complex to diagnose due to several causes. Common indications include pain, discomfort, instability, and reduced mobility. If you experience any of these symptoms or notice unusual shoulder behavior, we suggest booking an appointment with a shoulder specialist as soon as possible. Early intervention can prevent the condition from worsening and improve your chances of a full recovery. Here are some symptoms to look out for:

    • Pain

    This is one of the most recognizable indicators of shoulder issues. If you are experiencing mild to severe pain in your shoulder region, you could be suffering from inflammation caused, for instance, by impingement, calcifying tendinitis, frozen shoulder, tendon tears, or issues that do not have their origin in the shoulder itself but cause pain radiating into the shoulder. Sometimes, you can find relief through rest or avoiding situations that provoke pain. However, if your shoulder pain persists, you could be dealing with more severe shoulder injuries or illnesses.

    • Weakness or loss of function

    Shoulder issues can significantly affect your daily life. You might notice weakness or a loss of function in the area, making it challenging to perform even simple shoulder joint tasks. These issues can range from temporary weakness to severe limitations. Common causes of shoulder weakness include bursitis and tendinitis, often triggered by overuse or overload. Seeking medical advice can help you regain your shoulder’s strength and function, improving your quality of life.

    • Limited range of motion

    A capsule inflammation can also stiffen the shoulder, leading to loss of mobility. In these cases (e.g., frozen shoulder), reacting quickly and consulting an expert as soon as possible is often important.

    • Instability

    Shoulder instability occurs when the head of the humerus (upper arm) moves partially or entirely out of its socket. This is often caused by sudden injury arising from a fall or accident. It’s also important to note that shoulders become unstable when the lining of your shoulder joint (the capsule), ligaments, or labrum becomes stretched, torn, or fully dislocated.


    • Infiltration therapy

    We recommend infiltration therapy for patients with bursitis, tendinitis (long head of biceps), or frozen shoulder. Infiltration therapy works by injecting a therapeutic substance, usually anti-inflammatory agents and local anesthetics.


    • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

    Extracorporeal shockwave therapy can effectively treat tendinopathies, impingement syndromes, calcific tendinitis, and other shoulder issues. By sending high-energy shockwaves to the affected area, we can reduce inflammation, thus lessening swelling and pain. Shockwaves also induce healing by mobilizing growth factors and stem cells, as well as bone healing. This can also be used to treat bone marrow edemas.


    • Chirotherapy or manual medicine

    Manual medicine or chirotherapy is an alternative treatment used to diagnose and relieve shoulder problems caused by segmental dysfunctions, mainly of the cervical or thoracic spine. Dr. Schmitz has significant experience in manual medicine and can help you work through tight and painful shoulders.


    • Second opinions

    Should you require a second opinion on an existing diagnosis, we can examine your symptoms and provide a treatment regimen for your unique shoulder problem. At Doctor Reuter Medical Centers, we advocate for personalized treatment as no two patients are the same; therefore, a treatment plan must be crafted with the specific patient in mind.



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    Dr. Helge Schmitz

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