Non-surgical ultrasound facelift

Non-surgical ultrasound facelift

Experience the benefits of a non-surgical ultrasound facelift with Ulthera at Doctor Reuter Medical Center.

    How does it work?

    Ulthera, the micro-focused ultrasound (US), delivers thermal coagulation points deep inside the skin, activating its collagen fibers and elastin proteins and, most importantly, its fascia, the very thin sheets of connective tissue that is found below the skin, to promote non-surgical face lifting and tightening. The diagnostic US screen enables clear visualization to make the treatment precise and customized according to the depth of the skin laxity.

    To ensure the best outcome, we provide personalized skin coaching consultations to customize treatments according to your unique requirements, leading to incredible, authentic, and natural-looking results.

    Ulthera treatments are recommended to individuals over 35 years old who would like to correct mildly sagging skin or tighten up areas of the skin where they are starting to notice lines and wrinkles, particularly around eyebrows, lower face, neck, and décolletage.


    Ulthera treatments are highly effective and offer visible results such as:


    • lifting
    • firming
    • tightening

    Ulthera treatments target the face, neck, and décolletage.

    • combination treatment with advanced laser and RF microneedling

    Advanced laser and RF microneedling treatments are perfect pairing options to speed up the process significantly and maintain it further.

    Here are some important details that will give you further insights into Ulthera treatments:


    • Repetition time:
      Every 10 to 12 months or 2 to 3 years, depending on age and condition.
    • Downtime:
      None (mild aching may occur only around the jawline upon touch for a short while or electrical sensation at the back of the head after the eyebrow lifts for some patients).
    • Pain sensation:
      High to moderate on certain areas called soft spots during the treatment, for example, close to the bones (jawline). Oral medications are an option for patients with low pain tolerance.
    • Result:
      Immediate tightness and firmness with around 20% visible lifting right after the procedure, which becomes more noticeable on the outer layer of the skin within 3 to 4 months and keeps improving over 10 to 12 months. The result lasts for years, depending on skin condition and age.

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    Dora Atakul

    Dora Atakul

    Specialist Skin & Laser Therapist, Skin Coach