alleviate shoulder pain & other common shoulder problems at the dr. reuter clinic

shoulder pain is not uncommon. as a matter of fact, there’s a good chance you’ll experience it in your lifetime. if your shoulder pain is bothering you, we strongly encourage you to consult with a shoulder expert before the problem gets worse.

the orthopedics department at the dr. reuter clinic offers deep expertise in shoulder care, non-invasive rehabilitation and if necessary surgical procedures. our efforts are led by dr. helge schmitz.

dr. schmitz brings twenty-five years of shoulder expertise and strong practice in both non-surgical and surgical treatment. he graduated from the department of orthopedic surgery at the university of duesseldorf and has worked for world-renowned institutions such as the university hospitals wuerzburg and duesseldorf, the ethianum clinic in heidelberg, germany, and the athletikum group in freiburg, germany.

he currently serves as a consultant for the dr. reuter clinic in dubai and the head of shoulder surgery at the fontana clinic in freiburg, germany.

indications you need to see an orthopedic specialist for your shoulder problems (symptoms)

most shoulder problems are not easy to diagnose because of various possible causes. tell tale signs are pain, discomfort, instability and loss of mobility. if you feel any of these or feel that your shoulders are behaving unusually, we suggest booking an appointment with a shoulder specialist as soon as possible.

here are some symptoms to look out for:


pain is one of the most recognizable indicators of shoulder issues. if you are experiencing mild to severe pain in your shoulder region, you could be suffering from inflammation caused for instance by impingement, calcifying tendonitis, frozen shoulder, tendon tears or issues that do not have their origin in the shoulder itself but cause pain radiating into the shoulder. sometimes you can find relief through rest or avoiding situations that provoke pain. however, if your shoulder pain persists, you could be dealing with more severe shoulder injuries or illnesses.
weakness or loss of function

weakness or loss of function

people with shoulder issues often experience weakness or loss of function in the shoulder joint area. these issues can range from mild where there is temporary weakness to severe wherein it becomes difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks. common causes for shoulder weakness are bursitis and tendonitis, which are often brought about by overuse or overload.
limited range of motion

limited range of motion

the shoulder can also become stiff by an inflammation of the capsule, which can then lead to loss of mobility. in these cases (i.e. frozen shoulder) it might be important to react quickly which makes it important to consult an expert as soon as possible.


shoulder instability occurs when the head of the humerus (upper arm) moves partially or fully out of its socket. this is often caused by sudden injury arising from a fall or accident. it’s also important to note that shoulders become unstable when the lining of your shoulder joint (the capsule), ligaments, or labrum become stretched, torn, or fully dislocated.

our orthopedic treatments for shoulder problems (treatments)

the dr. reuter clinic advocates for holistic treatment. We aim to address the root of each issue rather than its symptoms.

our philosophy towards shoulder care is whole-body. that is, we look beyond just the shoulder and examine systemic issues such as poor posture, muscle imbalances, tightness, and the like before even considering surgery. moreover, we prioritize non-invasive treatments.

here are some of the ways we treat common shoulder issues:

infiltration therapy

we recommend infiltration therapy (i.e. via subacromial or intraarticular infiltrations) for patients dealing with bursitis, tendonitis (long head of biceps) or frozen shoulder. Infiltration therapy works by injecting a therapeutic substance, usually anti-inflammatory agents and local anesthetics.

it involves first numbing the skin with a local anesthetic then pushing a needle into the affected joint for the infiltration.

chirotherapy or manual medicine

chiropractic therapy (manual medicine or chirotherapy) is an alternative treatment used to diagnose and relieve shoulder problems caused by segmental dysfunctions mostly of the cervical or thoracic spine. dr. schmitz has significant experience in manual medicine and can help you work through tight and painful shoulders.

extracorporeal shockwave therapy

extracorporeal shock therapy can effectively treat tendinopathies, impingement syndromes, calcific tendinitis, and other shoulder issues.

by sending high-energy shockwave to the affected area, we can reduce inflammation thus leading to lessening of swelling and pain. shockwaves also induce healing by mobilizing growth factors and stem cells as well as bone healing. this can also be used to treat bone marrow edemas.

second opinions

should you need a second opinion on an existing diagnosis, we can examine your symptoms and provide a treatment regimen for your unique shoulder problem. at the dr. reuterclinic, we advocate for personalized treatment—no two patients are the same and, therefore, a treatment plan needs to be crafted with the specific patient in mind.

who do we provide treatment for?

we have experience treating patients of all ages and patients with varying medical histories at the dr. reuter clinic. moreover, we believe in early diagnosis and preventive treatment for both chronic and acute cases.

diagnose & treat your shoulder problems today

at the dr. reuter clinic, we champion excellent service, expertise, and customer satisfaction. if you have shoulder issues (mild or severe), we highly encourage you to book an appointment with dr. schmitz.

about our expert

our team of shoulder experts is led by Dr. Helge Schmitz.

dr. schmitz specializes in arthroscopic surgery and orthopedic medicine. he is also the current head of shoulder surgery at the fontana clinic in freiburg, germany.

he is also a lecturer to aspiring physicians and physiotherapists and he holds memberships in world-renowned institutions, including the dvse, aga, mwe, and bvou.

he graduated medical school at the julius-jaximilians jniversity in wuerzburg, germany and he has experience instructing in english, french, and german.

what our patients are saying

  • dr. schmitz seemed very sympathetic to me! he is a young and relaxed doctor with whom a friendly and clear conversation is possible. he seems, as far as i am able to evaluate, to be extremely competent (he was able to detect my shoulder injury after a few seconds and the x-ray and mri results confirmed his assessment). my waiting time was at both of my appointments only about 15-20 min which i perceived as short (compared to other doctors in which it takes one hour or more). i am very satisfied and can recommend dr. schmitz to anyone.
    johannes d.
  • i had a shoulder operation 1 week ago. from the first minute, i felt in good hands, whether it was from the first conversation or during the operation, or afterward. a wonderful doctor with a great sense of humor.
    adrian zydek
  • dr. helge schmitz is an amazing german doctor with a passion for his job. you could clearly tell he knew what he was doing and he was very kind. we will definitely be going here for future problems as well.
    anja raab
  • the dr. reuter clinic is the best clinic in dubai for orthopedics. dr. helge schmitz is one of the best orthopedist i have visited so far in the middle east. i have visited several professionais before to treat my shoulder and he was the only one who solved my problem. highly recommend it!
    catarina faria
  • i went to the clinic to see dr. helge for back pain, he was very professional and knowledgeable. i liked the way he was descriptive when assessing me and telling me what was the source of my problem. he practiced some maneuvers that gave me immediate relief and then recommended me follow up exercise to sustain results
    mario vaccaro
  • doc helge schmitz is my reference bone doctor. very professional, experienced and explaining very detailed your problems.
    dr. christian heidenreich
  • dr helge schmitz is excellent, we see him today for my mom follow up appointment he gave us all the time we needed to understand the situation and what is needed to fix it. a professional with an awesome personality.
    imtinan dahman

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