dr. helge schmitz

dr. helge schmitz was educated and trained at the university hospitals in wuerzburg and duesseldorf / germany on the field of orthopedics and orthopedic surgery. during this time he specialized in surgery of the knee and shoulder including joint replacements, revisions and arthroscopic surgery.

in 2006 he set up in his own practice in freiburg / germany. dr. schmitz is focussed on arthroscopic surgery, based on the development in this field leading to increasing possibilities in treating patients by minimal invasive techniques. he is a renowned expert in arthroscopic knee surgery and especially the full range of reconstructive arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder.

apart from his surgical expertise he was trained in the entire field of orthopedic diagnostics and conservative orthopedic treatment, including injection techniques of the joints and spine, manual therapy and chiropractics. he developed a special interest in extracorporal shockwave therapy. 

dr. schmitz has been giving numerous workshops and lectures during the last years both, nationally and internationally.

he is very much looking forward to join the team and settle in dubai.

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