the orthopedics department of dr. reuter clinic offers a profound expertise in diagnostics and treatment of various orthopedic cases with a focus on shoulder conditions. using all modern methods of imaging diagnostics, combined with a thorough clinical examination and detailed patient history we achieve a high level of diagnostic safety which is a prerequisite for choosing the most suitable treatment. based on an extensive experience in the field of manual therapy and chiropractics we are able to evaluate other potential underlying causative factors for chronically troubled shoulders.


treatments include:


addressing inflammatory conditions, beginning arthritis or applied as a tool for differential diagnostics


manual therapy / chiropractics

with the aim to shift segmental dysfunctions of the spine potentially being an underlying causative factor for shoulder pain


extracorporal shockwave therapy

treatment calcifying tendinitis and other inflammatory conditions, pseudarthrosis, bone marrow edemas and trigger points


minimal (arthroscopic) surgery

addressing impingement syndrome, calcifying tendinitis, instabilities, rotator cuff tears, chondral lesions, arthritis particularly of the acromioclavicular joint, frozen shoulder, biceps tendinitis