achieve a tight, youthful complexion with non-surgical facelifts

wrinkles, frown lines, and other signs of aging are a natural part of getting older. however, improving the appearance of your skin and minimizing these issues are not impossible. each year, millions of people opt to undergo various skin procedures to preserve a smooth, supple complexion.

if you’re one of those people, we have excellent news for you. at the dr. reuter clinic, we perform non-surgical cosmetic procedures that are more effective and less invasive.

do you want to get ahead of the aging process? book a consultation with our experts today, to curate a treatment plan for your specific skin requirements.

why get a non-surgical facelift?

while non-surgical cosmetic procedures provide more subtle results compared to their surgical counterparts, they do an excellent job at targeting problems like:

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • uneven skin tone and texture
  • sunspots and discoloration
some of the benefits are:
increased safety

increased safety

because non-surgical facelifts don’t involve anesthesia or making incisions, the risks involved are slim to none. patients will only experience minor and temporary swelling or redness during the procedure.
more affordable

more affordable

compared to surgical facelifts, the non-invasive type will cost you only a fraction of the former. why? because non-surgical facelifts eliminate the need to pay for:

anesthesia | hospital confinement | painkillers or other aftercare medication

less discomfort

less discomfort

contrary to popular belief, laser treatment is not painful. if anything, you might only experience minimal discomfort that you can quickly remedy using over-the-counter medication.
faster recovery

faster recovery

if you’ve ever undergone a surgical cosmetic procedure, you’ll be familiar with the nuances of recovery. from taking a few days off to adding a few painkillers to your daily medical regimen, recovering from surgery can become time-consuming and a financial burden. thankfully, even the most extensive non-surgical facelifts may only require two days of recovery time, if at all. in most cases, the simpler procedures won’t even take more than 15 to 30 minutes at a time. plus, you can resume normal activities immediately after your procedure!

how we can help

at the dr. reuter clinic, we employ only the best technicians and use the most advanced technology. if you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging, below are the ways we can help you achieve favorable results.

non-surgical facelift

are you looking to tighten the skin around the eyebrows and cheekbones? through ulthera—or ultrasound therapy—we achieve the same stunning results as blepharoplasty without invasive procedures. our ulthera eyebrow lift takes only a single 20-minute session per year, while our lower facelift takes one 60-minute procedure annually. this high-intensity focal ultrasound technology functions by delivering thermal coagulations to the muscle fascia, toning it, and retaining elasticity. typically, with just a session per year with minimal recovery periods, you can reverse the signs of aging between five and ten years! in addition, results look natural, unlike fillers or other surgical procedures.

about our therapists

at dr reuter Cilnic, our certified medical aestheticians and hair removal specialists have undergone extensive training and have experience diagnosing many skin and hair challenges.

keep your skin youthful at the dr. reuter clinic

our experts at the dr. reuter clinic have years of experience in treating common skin problems and guarantee favorable results every time. combined with state-of-the-art technology, you can achieve the skin you desire with minimal downtime and without having to empty your pockets.

we aim to provide highly effective yet affordable solutions for our patients and champion unbeatable service. contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve a stunning, youthful glow.

about our non-surgical facelift expert | dora atakul

hungarian specialist dora atakul graduated as a cosmetician in 2000, moved to dubai in 2007 to hone sales experience in cosmeceutical skin care products. she is a licensed laser therapist since 2011, dora has worked with some of the most renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the UAE.

in 2019, dora became a health mentor emphasizing metabolic and functional nutrition. through over 20 years of experience, dora focuses on determining the root causes of common skin issues, combining technologically advanced solutions with lifestyle recommendations.

what our patients are saying

  • lovely and professional, dora and the whole team are worth coming back for, again and again. she is knowledgeable and highly skilled and i am super happy i found her! the front of house reception are also so very kind and accommodating, highly recommend this clinic
    j raz
  • top notch in every single way. i get my facials done with dora and she’s incredible, very very knowledgeable and super kind. highly recommended 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    sara anbali
  • great clinic, absolute delight to get my deep cleansing facial done with dr dora. she is a highly respectable, expert and fantastic aesthetician. the beauty and ease with which she works on my face is remarkable. highly satified with her service.
    sana shaikh
  • dora is fantastic! she really cares about her clients.
    maria akhbari

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