eliminate unwanted hair growth with laser hair removal

when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair growth, traditional methods such as shaving and waxing can cost significant time and money. fortunately, solutions like laser hair removal pose safer and more cost-efficient alternatives.

at dr. reuter clinic, our certified laser hair removal specialists have undergone extensive training and have experience in the most advanced hair removal practices.

we guarantee a smooth skin in only a few treatments with the Splendor X machine at our premium clinic. our experienced therapists are looking forward to welcoming you at dr. reuter clinic.

why should you consider laser hair removal?

traditional methods of hair removal can be time-consuming and less effective. fortunately, laser hair removal provides significant hair reduction and the following benefits.

eliminate ingrown hair

eliminate ingrown hair

ingrown hair can be risky to remove. the good news is, laser hair removal is preventative and effective even on sensitive skin prone to developing ingrown hairs.
save time and money

save time and money

instead of spending money on shaving tools or regular waxing, laser hair removal makes for a more cost-efficient alternative that provides significantly longer-lasting results. plus, you’ll only need to visit your specialist a few times a year.
shorter treatments

shorter treatments

unlike spending much time on regular waxing sessions, laser hair removal treatments take significantly less time in the long term and require less frequent visits in between sessions.


if you’ve ever experienced a brazilian wax, you’ll know how painful it can be! on the contrary, laser hair removal is significantly less irritating on the skin.

how we can help

our technicians have experience treating clients of all ages, nationalities and skin types. contact us for a consultation.

laser hair removal

are you dealing with unwanted hair growth on specific parts of the body? our laser hair removal services are precise, fast, and effective, thanks to state-of-the-art splendor x technology.

compared to other laser hair removal machines, the splendor x:

  • eliminates any risk of burning thanks to a square spot that prevents overlapping
  • utilizes a dual cooling system that minimizes pain
  • reduces treatment time to at least half of other methods
  • blends alexandrite and ndyag lasers for simultaneous use

our laser hair removal services promise long-term effects, prevent regrowth, and eliminate ingrown hairs.

about our therapists

at dr reuter Cilnic, our certified medical aestheticians and hair removal specialists have undergone extensive training and have experience diagnosing many skin and hair challenges.

prioritize your skin at the dr. reuter clinic

at the dr. reuter clinic, your well-being and satisfaction are our priorities. we champion unbeatable customer service, cost-effective solutions, and customized treatment plans that promise long-term positive effects.

do you have a skin condition you want to be assessed? contact our specialists today to find out how we can help.

about our laser hair removal expert | caroline marcelino

with a bachelor of science in nursing in 1987 from the riverside school of nursing in the philippines, caroline marcelino has ample experience in international wards.

throughout her career, caroline developed a holistic approach to treatment throughout her career, eventually specializing in laser hair removal after seven years of training.

caroline also has experience in various procedures like fillers, threads, and mesotherapy.

what our patients are saying

  • laser therapist ms. caroline is very friendly and professional. You gonna feel comfortable during the procedure because her experienced make her expertise.
    melanie santos
  • we trust as a family dr reuter for the last 5 years and it is great to see that the team around her is equally amazing! caroline is really unique and hair removal for the first time has results since the first session! i recommend dr reuter but now i tell everybody about lovely caroline too!
    virginia choursoulidi
  • i had my hair laser treatment yesterday using their latest machine at dr. reuter clinic 585b jumeira st. umm suqeimumm branch. it’s a great clinic they have an amazing team of doctors and therapist too! caroline did the job for me, she’s a pro! she explain things simply and clearly and has a straight forward solutions to my concern. let your skin be checked, and say bye to unwanted hair! visit them! for laser therapy, i highly recommend
    danna danna
  • i am very much impressed with their hair laser removal machine - splendor x (lumenis). it gives a long term result compared to the other machines that i have tried from another place. and not only that, caroline the laser therapist was very professional and very approachable. you may wonder why i know the name of their machine so well, it is because after 2 weeks during my first trial after my hair still continious to fall off and thats why i got curious and ask caroline about it. i'm glad to have the sessions with them and i highy recommend it for those wants to experience an effective hair laser removal treatment.
    ayet b.
  • love the ambiance of this clinic, very warm & welcoming. the laser therapist, caroline, who took care of me was not also professional but her skills were impeccable! i'm beyond pleased with this clinic!
    gabrielle renee gustilo
  • thanks caroline for making my days hassle free, my discomforts are gone… it’s a wise decision for me agreeing your suggestions. really thanks a lot. i enjoyed the process and things were perfectly done. i surely encourage my sister & friends to come and visit your clinic for an excellent treatment . with professional doctors and a friendly staff, such a good feeling… thank you dr. reuter clinic, you’re a big help!
    jujer bermejo
  • it was my first time doing laser and the lady doing it for me was very knowledgeable, patient and all around amazing! would definitely recommend so far
    ebony mccullough
  • best laser experience ever . extremely friendly and professional staff and superb service
    ana van eylen
  • ms. caroline is an excellent laser hair removal therapist
    jean krystel giralao
  • very professional, explained everything in detail, and was honest about what would and wouldn’t work! looking forward to my next session! thank you caroline for making me feel comfortable.
    jane johns

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