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the hip is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body and can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear throughout the years. however, you shouldn’t ignore hip pain, even if it seems minor.

the good news is, you can book an appointment at the dr. reuter clinic with orthopedic specialist dr. helge schmitz to quickly diagnose your hip problems. dr. schmitz has over two decades of experience in treating joint problems and has lent his expertise to many world-renowned medical establishments in germany and dubai.  

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when you should see an orthopedic expert: common hip problems

there are many reasons you might experience hip pain, such as a fracture, genetically predisposed arthritis, tendinitis, or a muscle strain. however, you can only be sure by taking note of your symptoms. book an appointment with arthroscopic surgeon dr. helge schmitz if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms: 



the most common cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis, caused by damaged cartilage and then causes inflammation of the surrounding tissues. bony growths that develop around the hip joint can also cause stiffness. while less common, hip pain can also result from fractures, reduced blood flow, and inflammation or swelling.
loss of function

loss of function

osteoarthritis and osteonecrosis of the hip can destroy the joint, eventually causing a total loss of function and the potential need for a replacement. osteonecrosis develops when there is limited blood supply to the femoral head and can affect almost anyone. however, it is more common in people between 45 and 60. 
limited range of motion

limited range of motion

a limited range of motion in the hips can be the result of anything that also causes pain, swelling, discomfort, and mechanical issues. you might have a frozen hip, a fracture, septic arthritis, or a labral tear. whatever the case, you should immediately consult with an orthopedic expert if you experience stiffness accompanied by pain, joint deformity, or discoloration of the hip area.

our orthopedic treatments for hip pain

though the hip joint is incredibly robust and durable, you shouldn’t leave pain or injury up to chance. our clinic can provide the following treatments for hip pain, depending on your symptoms.

infiltration therapy

orthopedic expert dr. helge schmitz uses injections to relieve pain directly and treat root causes. these injections include:

  • intra-articular: ultrasound-guided cortisone injection provided directly into the hip joint
  • trochanteric bursa: offered to patients who demonstrate bursitis on the outer part of the hip

manual medicine & chirotherapy

to identify the source of your hip pain, dr. schmitz performs chiropractic. upon diagnosis, he curates a personal physical therapy plan, providing posture advice, at-home stretching tips, and other treatments to reduce inflammation and pain.

shockwave therapy

if you have a soft tissue or bone disorder around the hip area, dr. schmitz can perform extracorporeal shockwave treatment (eswt) to the damaged area. unlike invasive surgery, our clinic’s shockwave therapy requires no anesthetics and poses few to no complications.

not to mention, patients will see significant improvement in about 80% within 4 to 5 weeks. each treatment typically takes only 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Second Opinions

if you have already consulted with another professional, we can provide a second opinion and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

who can get treatment for hip pain?

while hip pain is more common in older patients, active or athletic young adults can become at risk of injury. as such, we provide treatment for anyone with acute or chronic conditions.

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if you’re experiencing pain in your hip or a loss of function, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. we are fully equipped to help you achieve your healthiest lifestyle. contact our team of experts at the dr. reuter clinic and get professional medical help today.

about our expert

our team of orthopedic experts is led by dr. helge schmitz.

dr. schmitz specializes in arthroscopic surgery and orthopedic medicine. he is also the current head of shoulder surgery at the fontana clinic in freiburg, germany.

he is also a lecturer to aspiring physicians and physiotherapists and he holds memberships in world-renowned institutions, including the dvse, aga, mwe, and bvou.

he graduated medical school at the julius-maximilians university in wuerzburg, germany and he has experience instructing in english, french, and german.

what our patients are saying

  • i have visited dr. schmitz three times. each time i waited less than a week for an appointment. the waiting times in the practice were also short every time. the reason for my last visit was a numbness in my right arm and leg, which was previously unsuccessfully treated by various other orthopedic surgeons. dr. schmitz located the problem and "straightened" me with a few movements!! symptom-free since july !! i can only recommend dr. schmitz!
    heinz linke

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