dr. reuter clinic offers beauty consultations for our clients, discussing the most suitable skin care regimen, individually tailored to the needs of the skin. we also perform the following beauty procedures with a strong emphasis on natural appearing results.

skin coach consultations:

primary skin coach consultation (30 min.) consists of:

  1. a complete skin analysis to :
  2. identify the patient’s skin type and current skin condition
  3. accordingly suggest the most suitable treatment/procedures and skin care routine and
  4. discuss a personalized Skin Care Program and/or package

platinum skin coach consultation (90 min.) consists of:

  1. a 360 degrees approach skin health analysis
  2. to identify the patient’s skin type and current skin condition with its possible underlying causes
  3. accordingly suggest the most suitable treatments/procedures and skin care routine and
  4. discuss a personalized Holistic and Metabolic Type Skin Health Program and package (with Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition suggestion)

skin & laser therapy and medical aesthetic offers:

  • signature deep cleansing facial (sdcf) -lightening f. (lf)
  • fire & ice facial (fif)
  • basic deep cleansing facial (bdcf)
  • probiotic facial (pbf)
  • face & body peeling
  • laser facial (lf)
  • laser assisted skin rejuvenation (lr) (face, neck, decoltage, hands)
  • post-surgical scar tissue txt (face & body)
  • micro-needling & rf assisted skin rejuvenation (face & body)
  • triple boost mini face lift (tbl)
  • prp/mesotherapy face & scalp txt by dermapen
  • ultrasound (us) eyebrow lift
  • ultrasound (us) lower/full face lift
  • ultrasound (us) neck lift
  • 3d laser skin rejuvenation
  • 4d laser skin rejuvenation
  • laser eye rejuv.
  • laser lip rejuv.
  • laser vein removal (lv)

anti-aging solution

superficial level – surface (epidermal)


  • fire & ice
  • rejuvenating f. (rf)
  • probiotic f. (rf)


  • anti-aging instant lift (prx-t33 peeling + muscle activation massage technique)

medium level – upper dermis (collagen & elastin fiber activation)

non-invasive skin rejuvenation & tightening:

  • micro-needling with rf + meso & prp (secret) – 4-6 weeks => 8-12 weeks
  • 3d / 4d laser rejuvenation (fotona)

deep level – muscle activation

non-surgical skin lift:

deep muscle (fascia) activation: us face and/or eyebrow lift (ulthera) – reputation: 1/year/ every 2-3 year

superficial muscle activation:

triple boost mini face lift – reputation: 3-4 weeks

congestion, acne & inflammation solutions


  • signature deep cleansing (sdcf)
  • basic deep cleansing (bdcf)
  • corrective (cf)


  • sesderma trx tca

pigmentation (discoloration) solutions


  • lightening (lf)


  • sesderma trx tca
  • sesderma caffeico

mesotherapy (mesopen) / micro-needling & rf (secret)

tranexamic acid (mesopen)

scar tissue solutions (post-surgical/acne)


  • sesderma trx tca
  • sesderma caffeico

mesotherapy (mesopen) / micro-needling & rf (secret)

laser (fotona)

hair loss solutions

  • mesotherapy (mesopen) and/or prp
  • home kit
  • spider veins solutions
  • laser vein eraser (fotona dynamis pro/lumenis splender x

laser hair reduction

laser hair reduction:

when we compare the recurring cost of razor, waxing or threading year after year, you will notice the cost of a laser hair reduction procedure is in fact affordable. depending on your skin tone and hair type and following an initial set of 6 to 8 sessions, you will barely require a laser touch up every once in a while (In most cases just once a year)

laser hair reduction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. it beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. pigments in the follicles absorb the light, that destroys the hair. it needs 6 to 8 session in order to have a very good result.

the treatment will delay hair growth for long periods, and when the hair does regrow, it will be significantly finer. The follow-up maintenance treatment will ensure long-lasting, better and more effective results of laser hair removal

at dr. reuter clinic we use the latest technology available in the market, an extremely safe laser system, which delivers a painless and faster than average treatment: splendor x by lumenis.

splendor x is technologically advanced in the following aspects:

  • the first blended laser machine capable of emitting Alexandrite and Nd:YAG at the same time thus enhancing effectiveness and safety on the skin. all other laser hair removal machines in the market can use either Alexandrite and Nd:YAG at a time
  • a 27x27mm squared spot size enables fast treatment and eliminates overlapping therefore eliminating the risk of burns. all other laser hair removal machines in the market utilize a round square which lengthens the treatment and requires plenty of overlapping thus increasing drastically the risk of burning the skin as the laser hits the same skin spot twice or more during the same treatment session
  • the tip technology utilizes an exclusive dual cooling system to cool the skin (cryo touch and cryo air) making the treatment basically painless painless while protecting the skin and preventing the feeling of heat from the laser beam
  • it can be used effectively on both men and women and it is suitable for all kind of skin tone, however, it is important to note that the number of sessions may vary depending on the skin tone

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