improve skin complexity and reverse skin aging with advanced skin rejuvenation

in today’s skincare industry, non-invasive methods of reversing symptoms like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, broken capillaries and acne are becoming more popular. at the dr. reuter clinic, we are a step ahead of the game, employing board-certified and experienced technicians to solve all your skin issues with the latest technology, Fotona.

we have the training and equipment to achieve immediate improvements and natural results —book a consultation today to learn how we can help you combat skin imperfections.

the benefits of skin rejuvenation

improve your skin with the latest, non-invasive technology, treating aging signs (fine lines and wrinkles), skin laxity, enlarged or open pores, scars, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, broken capillaries, benign skin lesions and more.

safe laser treatment

safe laser treatment

skin rejuvenation with the Fotona is extremely safe even for darker skin types and for every part of the body. the healing time is none, or very minimal and the treatment is non-invasive without the use of toxins and fillers. the Fotona can even safely treat the oral tissue without the need to inject fillers.
immediate results

immediate results

the equipment used by dr. reuter clinic is very advanced and uses a technology that allows to treat both the surface and the deepest layers of the skin. this technique allows to have faster and better results than traditional treatments and the results are immediately visible.
tightening without fillers or toxins

tightening without fillers or toxins

with the use of the Fotona laser machine the skin improvements are significant and much more friendly to the skin. the Fotona machine allows the skin to volumize and tighten in a non-invasive way, by stimulating the natural ability of the body to heal.
improved skin complexion

improved skin complexion

the skin rejuvenation treatment improves significantly the skin complexion and can treat many different skin conditions. the treatment can rejuvenate the eyelids, lips, reverse aging of the skin, improve pores, reduce acne scars, reduce pigmentation and much more.

how we can help

are you ready for a brighter, tighter and more perfect looking skin?

advanced skin rejuvenation

at dr. reuter clinic we achieve great results because the treatment is less- invasive and reaches deeper levels of the skin than with traditional and more invasive treatments. the Fotona laser machine can selectively promote skin health, targeting all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and cutaneous layer).

about our therapists

at dr reuter Cilnic, our certified medical aestheticians and hair removal specialists have undergone extensive training and have experience diagnosing many skin and hair challenges.

improve and tighten your skin with experts you can trust

if you want to achieve tighter, smoother, and more radiant skin without fillers or toxins, the dr. reuter clinic can help you fulfill your skincare goals. our team of experts has the necessary experience to provide you with only the best results in the country.

book a consultation today to restore firmness and better complexity in your face the right way. we guarantee excellent results every time.

about our advanced skin rejuvenation expert | dora atakul

medical aesthetician dora atakul is a hungarian skin and laser specialist with over two decades of experience. with a background in cosmetics and cosmeceutical skincare products, there is no better-equipped specialist than dora.

since becoming a licensed laser therapist in 2011, dora has become one of the best-known dermatological experts in the UAE. she combines her 20 years of dermatological experience with health coaching, encouraging patients to determine the root cause behind their pressing skin issues.

what our patients are saying

  • lovely and professional, dora and the whole team are worth coming back for, again and again. she is knowledgeable and highly skilled and i am super happy i found her! the front of house reception are also so very kind and accommodating, highly recommend this clinic
    j raz
  • top notch in every single way. i get my facials done with dora and she’s incredible, very very knowledgeable and super kind. highly recommended 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    sara anbali
  • great clinic, absolute delight to get my deep cleansing facial done with dr dora. she is a highly respectable, expert and fantastic aesthetician. the beauty and ease with which she works on my face is remarkable. highly satified with her service.
    sana shaikh
  • dora is fantastic! she really cares about her clients.
    maria akhbari

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